Einladung zur Summer School des Rose Bruford College

Rachel Candler hat es ermöglicht im Sommer 2017 einen Lehrgang am Rose Bruford College of Theatre Arts and Performances in London speziell für uns Inspizienten stattfinden zu lassen, auf welchem wir hoffentlich viele von euch begrüßen können.

Anmeldung zum European Stage Management Symposium 2017

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  1. Falls ihr den Newsletter nicht gelesen/bekommen habt, hier die Ausschreibung:

    European Stage Management Symposium 2017

    Venue: Rose Bruford College, London, England

    17th to 21st July 2017

    Join us at Rose Bruford College for a week-long symposium examining European and British stage management practices. This week will provide a place share and learn new skills and increase your understanding of the craft of stage managing.

    The week will also feature round table discussions and debates, exclusive backstage visits and tours of iconic London shows and venues, and tickets to a theatre production.

    Fee: £575 (early bird booking, before 1st April 2017 £500)

    Please contact Andrew Scanlan with any enquiries – andrew.scanlan@bruford.ac.uk / +44 (0) 208 308 2605

    Fees are non-returnable once a student has started the course

    All fees must be paid in full by 15th June 2017

    In the event of a cancellation a sum of £100 will be retained to cover administration costs

    After 15th June 2017 a cancellation will result in the forfeiture of the entire fee


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